About Us

Scott A. Schmidt and Lee Alan Lerner founded Schmidt & Lerner with the aim of serving clients by protecting and preserving their families’ wealth and health through every phase of life. Although every estate plan addresses different issues and must meet unique requirements, we have found that most of our clients want the same things we would want in a law firm. Our clients have a lot on their plates. It can be difficult balancing work, kids’ activities, paying bills, cooking, fitness, homework, saving for college, visits to the vet, and even fitting in some relaxation. Who wants to spend any precious time and a huge pile of money on an estate plan no one understands except the lawyers who wrote it?

We get it. We see the problem. At Schmidt & Lerner we speak Legalese, but we also speak English. We understand that our clients crave common sense and practical planning. Clients are always happier when they understand their legal situation, what their lawyer is doing, and why he is doing it. Clients are also happier when they are not charged an arm and a leg. Schmidt & Lerner stakes its reputation on happy clients who have been represented well for a reasonable fee. We go out of our way to ensure that our clients understand exactly what their options are and what their estate plans will do. Our clients’ questions and input are vital to our work so we do not charge our estate planning clients for time spent communicating. Our fees are very competitive, and for many estate planning services we offer a flat fee.

We try to make estate planning as easy and convenient as possible for our clients. Many of our estate planning clients work during regular business hours. Many have family commitments or transportation issues that make personal appointments difficult. We understand our clients’ needs so we offer consultations by telephone or Skype and, when appropriate, we can visit you.

We do not want our clients to feel a sense of awe and mystery when we conclude our representation. We want our clients to understand the value of our services and to feel confident recommending our work to their friends and families.